Hyundai Steel has succeeded in producing low-carbon, high-strength steel plates, the company said Tuesday. It says it has become the first steelmaker globally to produce high-strength steel plates by using an electric arc furnace, which helps reduce carbon emissions drastically during the whole process.

Electric arc furnaces are being increasingly adopted by steelmakers as they seek a strategic shift from the traditional blast furnace. Slate Blue Roofing Sheets

Hyundai Steel said it recently produced a steel plate with more than 1.0 gigapascal tensile strength thanks to its precise furnace refining technology and high-strength steel rolling technology.

The latest breakthrough is part of the company’s carbon neutrality initiative, dubbed "Hy-Cube." Launched in May this year, the initiative set a goal of switching completely to hydrogen-based steel production by 2030.

Electric arc furnace technology emits less carbon than blast furnaces, which burn coal, limestone or iron ore. By using the eco-friendly technology, the company said it can reduce carbon emissions by almost 30 percent compared to production using a blast furnace.

The company said the first trial production was carried out in collaboration with its sister firms Hyundai Motor and Kia to test their application for the automotive industry. Following the initial production, the firm added it aims to ramp up efforts for its mass-market adoption.

“Through the success of trial productions, Hyundai Steel has confirmed our ability to supply low-carbon, high-strength steel products using electric arc furnace technology,” said Hyundai Steel official.

Prepainted Galvanized Steel “We aim to secure an earlier edge in the burgeoning market for low-carbon steel products."