Nalgonda: Archaeological researcher and Pleach India Foundation CEO Dr Emani Shivanagi Reddy and history researcher Ragi Murali said that a Ganesha idol of the Kakatiya era has been found in Parada village in Nakrekal mandal in the district. To date, it is the smallest sculpture measuring 4 cm height, 2 cm width and having 2 cm thickness, they said.

According to the Convener of New Telangana History Team, Sriramoju Haragopal, the idol was found while examining the New Stone Age and the Iron Age traces on Paradagutta and the ruins of the Buddhist Stupa on the lower eastern side of the hill. Real Stone Tub Bathtub

Ganesh sculpture of 13th century found

Bearing the Kakatiya style turban on the head, the elephant head has wide ears, with trunk turned to left and tusk clasped by both hands, Ganesha sitting in Lalitasana on a small Mushika (mouse) on a pedestal. It also has Modaka and Naga Yagnopaveetam. The sculpture presents a fine iconography and is carved out of a soft stone, Shivanagi Reddy said. He said that this was the first time that such a small statue of Ganesha from the Kakatiya period was found in the state.

Shivanagi Reddy and Murali informed that if more research was done in the ancient site of Satavahana and Ikshvaku periods, on the east of Parada hillock, many historical relics could be discovered.

Ganesh sculpture of 13th century found

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